The content for the Trail Guide section of the PLTA web is not limited to trails, rather it is designed to be a repository of information about great places to take your llama whether it be for hiking, packing, carting, or any other activity you enjoy with your llama companion. There are no specific parameters for what your submission must include, but in order for it to be most useful to other llama people, we suggest that you consider the following topics and those on Richard's PLTA Trail Guide Submission Form:


Why do you like this place?

How do you get there?

  • Location:
    • Which state and what portion of the state is it located in?
    • How far is it from nearest major city?
    • How far is it closest place with amenities (fuel, food, emergency assistance, etc.)?
    • Which agency manages the site, i.e., private, state, federal (BLM, Forest Service)?
  • Access:
    • What condition are the roads in, i.e., paved, gravel, dirt, smooth, rough, and for what portion of the distance do these conditions prevail.
    • Are permits required?
    • Where can permits be acquired?
  • Conditions at the trail head:
    • Is there room enough to turn a trailer
    • Is water available?
    • Are there places to tie your llamas
    • Are there restroom facilities?
    • Are picnic tables present?
    • Is there room to camp?

What is the place like?

  • What type of environment is this, i.e., forest, desert, mountains, plains?
  • What condition is the trail in?
  • How long is it?
  • Is it well maintained?
  • Is it steep or gentle?
  • Are there multiple connecting trails?
  • Are there good places to camp?
  • How heavily used is the area? Will you meet lots of people or none?

What hazards need to be considered?

  • For example: windfall, rattlesnakes, dogs, ATVs, weather ...

Are there other nearby attractions or opportunities or attractions?