The requirements to become an authorized PLTA Pack Trial Certifier are under review. Please contact the Board of Directors for updated information.

In the past, in order to become a trail Certifier, a person was required to:

  • be a Full Member of the PLTA
  • have applied to the PLTA Board of Directors for pre-aproval
  • have overnight packing experience
  • have completed at least two pack trials at the Master level
  • have apprenticed under a an approved pack trial Certifier at one additional sanctioned Advanced or Master level trial

The apprentice requirement and one Master level trial could be satisfied by attending a PLTA sponsored Certifiers Workshop.


It is expected that when the requirements are updated they will include an open-book test based on the PLTA Handbook: General Procedures and Regulatations for PLTA Sanctioned Events, a copy of which may be obtained by contacting the PLTA Secretary. Here are ten sample questions from the proposed test:

  1.  What are the three requirements for participation in a PLTA event with a llama?
  2. What are the requirements for a llama who is not participating in the trial but wants to go along?
  3.  List nine llama behaviors that would result in a performance/safety deduction.
  4.  What are the standard mileage and elevation gain requirements for each level?
  5.  What are time windows and how are they set?
  6.  How many obstacles are required at each level and what are the mandatory ones?
  7.  What five things can disqualify a llama?
  8.  What are the five special requirements in a string trial?
  9.  What are the ten Certifier’s responsibilities?
  10.  What five things must stewards and participants be briefed on before a trial begins?
  11.  What are the six manageability tasks?

If you have questions, comments or constructive suggestions regarding the requirements for becoming a Certifier, please contact the PLTA Board of Directors (see the 'Contacts' tab on this website.)