Over fourteen hundred llamas have been registered with the PLTA since its inception. The association maintains records of the registration and pack trial certifications of all of these llamas. This information is useful not only for tracking the accomplishments of an individual llama, but for tracking genetic heritage. Combined with the llama's International Lama Registry (ILR) number,the information provides a valuable aid in identifying genetic lines of highly capable working llamas and proven packers.

While registration and certifications records are updated as information becomes available. Registration information is updated on this website periodically. If you have questions about registrations or certifications that have taken place since the postings listed here or need to make corrections, please contact trials@packllama.org.

Registration, ownership and certifications are listed in the following documents:

Sorted by Owner    (pdf 1.14 mb)
Sorted by Llama Name     (pdf 1.15 mb)
Sorted by Llama Number     (pdf 1.16 mb)