12th Annual Llama/Alpaca Information & Education Day

In 2007 we had a horrific rescue situation here in Whatcom County, Washington involving 41 neglected llamas. Many of the above people assisted in the care, rehab and adoption of these animals. Because of this situation and the frustration associated with people getting animals (llamas initially and now alpacas) that they know nothing about, we decided to offer a free information day to the adopters of these rescues. At that time we also opened this event up to anybody interested in or that already owned camelids that wanted to learn more about these amazing creatures.

What grew out of this situation was a very positive, informational and fun day. Some years we have over 100 people that came to see how to care for (shearing, shots, toenails, etc.), feed and train camelids. People who attend this event get a day filled with lots of information and education! Because it is so successful, we have continued to offer this event and for FREE!  As time has continued, we have gone from 100% llama owners attending to now we have 75% alpaca owners.  There are just too many of them being dumped and not enough homes! 

After many of us trying to work the other angle of taking animals, trying to rehab them and then find them homes, we now try to work to help people understand and make wise choices before buying. If they already have them, we want you to keep and take care of them. We give you the tools to be successful!


  • Date: Saturday, June 22, 2019
  • Check-In: 8:30 a.m. and through out the day
  • Clinics/Classes: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Place: Longview, Washington (detailed location information will be provided upon registration)




Conservation Basics for Confinement Areas
with Corina Cheever etc., Whatcom Conservation District

Shearing 101 & Hands on Shearing Demonstration
with Kelly McWhorter, Mikie Morris & Kate Otey

Toenail Trimming Demos
with Jeff Kuklenski & Roy Williams

Hands-on Toenail Trimming
with Jeff Kuklenski & Roy Williams

Veterinary Information Talk
Basic Camelid Care & Camelid Maintenance
with Michael Anderson DVM , Kulshan Veterinary Clinic

Fiber Demonstrations
with Lisi Ott & Kaylee Davidson

Obstacles & Training for Llamas/Alpacas
For fun, packing, and showing

with Dr. Julie Komarow

Beginning Llama/Alpaca Ownership
with Dr. Julie Komarow

Hard to Halter Llama/Alpaca Tips & Demonstration
with Mikie Morris & Lisi Ott

Llama Packing Equipment & Information-
with Lisi Ott

Pasture Management- Whatcom Conservation District
with Corina Cheever & Jeff Kuklenski

Needle Felting
with Kelly McWhorter

Ongoing Spinning and Fiber Usage Demonstrations