The Pack Llama Trail Association (PLTA) is a group of people dedicated to the safe and humane use of the working llama. The support and educational opportunities provided by the group are intended to include all aspects of that work, including packing, driving, hiking, and public interactions.

The PLTA does not discriminate by breed or type. All llamas and their owners are encouraged to be a part of the organization. It does not matter if the llama has long wool or short, qualifies as suri, ccara or classic, is tall or petite. What matters is the llama's ability to "work". Work being defined by any of the different tasks we ask our llamas to do, from extreme packing, to day hiking, carting and participating in performance classes. We believe that all llamas have the capacity to assist their humans in mutual activity. We promote the appropriate training, handling and conformation to do so.