PLTA Brochures and Publications

Brochures can be a useful way to drum up support and enthusiasm for llama packing. The publications listed here are downloadable for your use.


Pack Llama Trail Association Brochure  (pdf, 1MB) Two page color brochure describing PLTA pack trials.

PLTA Association Flier (pdf, 187KB) Single page color flier: Mission and programs of the Pack Llama Trail Association

PLTA Pack Trial Flier  (pdf, 512KB) Single page color flier: Educating your and your llama for the backcountry experience.

PLTA Mileage Program Flier (pdf, 456KB) Single page color flier: Participation in the Mileage Program Helps Keep You and Your Llama Fit

PLTA Challenge Program Flier (pdf, 446KB) Single page color flier: The PLTA Challenge is a non-competitive obstacle course designed to provide education, camaraderie, and an introduction to llama packing using natural obstacles in a natural setting.

The Impacts of Llamas as Hiking Companions  (pdf, 15.7kb)  An Informational document from the Internataional Llama Association © 1997

Camelids Can Carry (pdf, 6317kb), This 2013 Camilid Comunity Brochure, is a nifty item that focuses on packing situations outside the realm of rugged mountain expeditions