Pack Trials

Tom Seifert, PLTA Secretary is the contact person and coordinator for Pack Trials. He sanctions the trials, insures that the Trial Event Committee has a mentor and Certifier available, reviews records and documents generated by the trial, and oversees entry of data into the PLTA database. Tom is also the Chair of the pack trial committee which is tasked with regulating the trials and keeping them running smoothly. Tom is a long time llama owner and packer who spends as much time as possible in the back country with his llama boys. Tom can be reached at

Mileage Program

Mark Brindly is the Mileage Program Coordinator. His tasks include mentoring new participants, compiling periodic reports and updating mileage records, and reporting to the Board of Directors. He can be reached at

PLTA Challenge

 Anne Sheeter loves to train llamas to tackle obstacles. On the trail or in the show ring, her llamas have regularly demonstrated her teaching ability. She firmly believes the PLTA needs a fun activity that encourages llama owners to work their llamas in a supportive and fun environment and that the PLTA Challenge will serve that purpose very well. She is working hard to refine the design of the proposed PLTA Challenge and is eager to hear from interested persons. She can be reached at