We are all about supporting the working llama and supporting you as you work with your llama. We don't care if the llama is male or female, short or tall, woolly or not. We believe all llamas have the potential to be great companions. To that end we provide Mentors to help you with training, packing, herd management, and all things llama. Our Mileage Club promotes fitness for both you and your llama. The Challenge Program is great way to enjoy working with and training your llama in a supportive social environment. Our Pack Trials give you the opportunity to demonstrate the skill and fitness of your pack llama.

Certified PLTA Pack Llamas have proven themselves to be well-behaved, fully manageable trail companions.

PLTA Basic Pack Llama Logo

A BASIC PACK LLAMA is your let's-go-have-fun companion. They carry light loads while hiking short distances. These llamas calmly negotiate simple trail obstacles. He or she is a great day hiking companion and ready to begin training for the hard core stuff.


PLTA Advanced Pack Llama Logo

An ADVANCED PACK LLAMA is your overnight-at-the-lake buddy. They are fully fit and skilled for longer adventures. This llama carries a full pack and manages obstacles you can expect to find along a maintained trail.


PLTA Master Pack Llama Logo

A MASTER PACK LLAMA is your serious-adventure llama, fully fit for long distance hiking under a heavy pack. Masters handle the difficult obstacles found along a poorly maintained trail.


PLTA Extreme Pack Llama Logo

An ELITE PACK LLAMA is your head-for-the-mountain-top packing partner. Elite means just that; a highly skilled, fully fit companion ready for challenging conditions. These packers carry heavy loads over long distances. They are comfortable traveling off-trail and negotiating difficult obstacles. They will get you there.

Come, join us, and bring your llama into the realm of fully competent working companions.