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Pack Trials

PLTA Pack Trials are standardized test trials created by the PLTA to evaluate pack llamas for their natural ability and acquired level of training and conditioning appropriate to actual packing conditions. These tests are conducted in a realistic packing environment. When a llama successfully completes all the required trials at a given level, it is awarded the appropriate certificate and title for that level of achievement.

Participation in the trials requires that the animal is registered with the PLTA and the owner is a member.  The PLTA maintains a computerized database listing llamas' certification status and periodically publishes those results on this website.

The following documents explain how a pack trial functions and how to organize one. 

PLTA Handbook: General Procedures and Regulations for PLTA Sanctioned Pack Trials, version 230305.(pdf 914 KB, 47 pages) provides detailed explanations of the requirements for PLTA sanctioned Pack Trials.

 PLTA Pack Trial Field Notes  (PDF 299 KB) ia an abbreviated version of the Handbook designed specifically for field use.

 PackTrial Requirements Reference Sheet  (PDF 165 KB) was originally designed as a handy cheatsheet to aid in quickly reviewing the requirements for Pack Trials. It consists of two pages and is best printed in color.