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PLTA Mileage Program

PLTA Mileage Program BLT Marty Fly gets ready for a conditioning hikeWelcome to the PLTA Mileage Program
We hope you enjoy this dimension of the PLTA. We understand that many llama people want to hike with their llamas and support the PLTA, but in a way that does not involve participation in the regulated and formalized trials. The Mileage Program is designed to support these interests, and more.

The Mileage Program serves three main functions:  first, it is designed to encourage activity and fitness in working llamas. Secondly, the Mileage Program is a means of demonstrating the capabilities of an individual llama, and llamas in general. The Mileage Program can show the level and extent at which a llama is actually working. This also provides a measure of a llama’s worth as a packer and companion. Third, the Mileage Program makes public the achievement of individual llamas.

The PLTA Mileage Program an honor-based activity in which the llama owner or handler records the mileage a llama accumulates and reports the information to the PLTA Mileage Program Coordinator. The coordinator compiles records and tracks each llama's progress. At the end of each calendar year certificates of accomplishment are issued for the llama. When a llama has accumulated adequate miles, they are rewarded with a three-inch embroidered patch. Patches are awarded for the first one hundred, 250, 500, and 1000 miles the owner reports for the llama. After reaching 1000 miles, the llama is awarded an additional patch for each subsequent 1000 miles. Annual accomplishments are also published on the PLTA website.


PLTA Mileage Program hiker in Tennessee

 Participating in the Program
All PLTA members and their PLTA registered llamas are eligible to participate in the program. There is no fee. This is a non-competitive program that encourages activity in both people and llamas, only llama mileage is tracked and only llamas receive recognition. A llama's mileage may be accumulated during any activity the llama participates in including, but not exclusive, of packing, hiking, carting and marching in parades. It may take place at any location including a hike around the farm. The llama may be accompanied during its Mileage Program activities by the owner or the owner's designate. Because this is an individual activity that is not covered by PLTA insurance, the llama's handler is not required to be a PLTA member of associate. We have found that participating in the Mileage Program not only provides incentive to keep your animals (and you) moving and fit, it provides you with a record over time of how much they are actually working.


 Once your llama is registered with the PLTA and your membership is current, signing up for the program is easy. Just contact the Mileage Program Coordinator and ask to be included. The coordinator will add your name to the Mileage Program Yahoo Group site, which will automatically issue you an invitation to join. This site is the place where you will file your monthly reports. It also provides an electronic forum for participants to exchange information. Access to the site is by invitation only, and is limited to participants in the Mileage Program.


Tracking Your Miles
Record keeping is done using the LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet program. This program functions very much like Microsoft Office Excel, but is free to the public. Program members upload LibreOffice, then use the spreadsheet template provided by the PLTA. This template may be found on the Yahoo group site or requested from the program manager. On the spreadsheet, each hike is recorded and compiled into a cumulative log. At the beginning of each month, the log is uploaded to the group site where the program coordinator reviews it and uses it to compile a report to the PLTA Board of Directors. Records are visible to all program participants, so it is easy and fun to see how your mileage companions are doing.

PLTA Mileage Program llamas hiking

If participating using Calc and the Yahoo group site is problematic, by special arrangement with the Mileage Program Coordinator, you may use some other mutually agreed upon method. Submission of your reports on a monthly basis is strongly preferred. They must be received at least quarterly, i.e. by March 15th, June 15th, September 15th and January 15th. All records must be updated and rectified no later than January 15th of the new year to be included in the Mileage Program Records.

Rules for the Mileage Program are included in the PLTA Bylaws (pdf, 78KB) specific to it. A flow chart (pdf, 316KB) shows Information management and administrative relationships for the program. For more information, or to be included in the program, please contact the Mileage Program Coordinator.