The PLTA:  A Vision for Now and the Future

The PLTA has come a long way since the first llama races in Idaho that spawned the creation of pack trials and the beginning of the organization. Standards and protocols for pack trials have been refined through years of on-the-ground testing. Numerous llamas have demonstrated their abilities and received their certificates, but there is more to our mission than certifying packers. Education is an extremely important part of our function. The PLTA is currently expanding its activities to include working llamas of all types and provide activities where education can take place in an exciting and fun environment.

As part of this effort, the association  created the PLTA Pack Trial, a means of testing pack llamas against a written standard that allows evaluation and recognition of a llama's ability to perform in realistic packing conditions. Four levels of ability are recognized. Llamas earning certification as PLTA packers have demonstrated true packing skill.

To encourage and promote conditioning and health of pack llamas, the PLTA maintains a Mileage Program in which members track their accomplishments. Certificates of accomplishment are awarded.

Mentoring is also part of our effort to educate and support pack llamas. Our Pack Llama certifiers are available to help guide interested persons through the process of hosting a trial as well as making sure the trial is in compliance with PLTA standards.

It is our goal is to create an ongoing conversation about the safe and humane use of llamas as working companions. We look forward to being able to provide support for you and your interest in the working llama. We welcome you to join us in our endeavors.