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Sanction a Pack Trial or Challenge

Event Sanctioning (Pack Trails and Challenges)


  • Challenge (one day event): $35.00
  • Unlimited number of Challenges held within the same year:  $50.00
  • Basic Pack Trial Only- Single Trial (one day event):  $35.00
  • Basic Pack Trial Only - Double Trial (two day event):  $40.00
  • All-Level Pack Trial- Single Trial (one day event):  $45.00
  • Unlimited number of Events (Trials and/or Challenges) held during the same calendar year:  $100.00


 Please submit your completed sanctioning form at the time of payment even if you use Paypal. Without the information included on the form we cannot fully process your request.

 Payment may be made by check, money order or by using Paypal. Payment by check or money order should be made out to 'PLTA' and sent to the treasurer at the address listed at right. All fees are stated in US dollars. 

All fees are stated in US dollars. 


Paypal Event Sanctioning Payment

Please Send Forms to:

PLTA Data Manager
575 E. Jefferson St.
Burns, Oregon 977720
Phone: (541) 413-0341

Please Send Payments to:

PLTA Treasurer
15260 S. Poe Valley Rd.
Klamath Falls, Oregon 97603
Phone: (541) 205-2853

For Information About the PLTA Contact:

Becky Cunningham
PLTA President
29430 Radar Lane
Burns, Oregon   97720     
Phone: (541) 589-0840