How to Register Your Animal with the PLTA

With exception of the Packer's Primer, to participate in PLTA sanctioned programs and events, a llama must be registered with the PLTA. Registration provides the llama with a unique tracking number that is used to record PLTA related data for that llama in the PLTA database. The number the PLTA assigns to the llama stays with that llama's documentation through out its life. Required registration information includes:

  • full name of the llama
  • date of birth if known
  • gender
  • International Llama Registry number (ILR) if the llama has one
  • owner's PLTA number
  • owner's name and contact information

The PLTA registration fee of fifteen dollars (US) is a one-time only charge for each llama. The registration is transferable at no additional charge if the llama changes owners. This registration fee helps to cover the costs of entering that llama into the database, sending out the notice letters whenever the llama qualifies for a level of Pack Trial achievement, and production of PLTA Certificate of Trial Completion.

In order for a llama to be registered, the llama's owner must be a current Full Member in the PLTA. Registration in any other registry or group is not required. See the Payment page for complete information about making payments.

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