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2017 Fee Increases

February 2017 Fee Adjustment

In April of 2016 in response to budgetary concerns, the PLTA Board of Directors instituted an Event Participation fee that took effect on January 1, 2017. This action brought back a fee that had been in place for many years but had been dropped in order to encourage participation in the organization. Five dollars was to be charged for a llama to participate in each Pack Trial or Challenge.

Recently, feedback from event hosts indicated that some found administering the fee burdensome and were unwilling to undertake the added responisbility. In response, the Board has rescinded the fee, however, since the PLTA was not able to raise enough revenue last year to cover expenses, the Board agreed to increase other fees. Since llama registration fees have not changed since the 1990s, those were targeted along with Associate fees and Sanctioning for unlimited events. The changes are as follows:


Fee Item
 Past Fee    Changed To   Effective Date
Llama Registration $10  $15 1/1/18
Associate $5  $10 2/21/17
Sanctioning Unlimited Events   $75  $100 2/21/17


While the Board does not expect these changes to generate the revenue the participation fee would have, nor does the Board expect the new fees to fully address the organization's budgetary needs, it will help, and it will not put any further administrative burden on the event hosts.

To also reduce the work of event hosts, the Board encourages all participants to pay their fees in advance of any event they plan to attend and arrive at the event with their member, associate, and llama registration numbers in hand.