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Qualified PLTA Certifiers

The PLTA members listed here are authorized Pack Trial Certifiers. They are available to answer your questions and offer support and advice. You may contact them via the PLTA Secretary at or

Wally Baker, southern California
Bob Blount, near Portland, Oregon
Mark Brindley, Victoria, Australia
Kathy DuVaul, Georgia
Greg Hall, North Carolina
John Fant, Arkansas
Patti Morgan, Kansas
Karen Pihera, Georgia
William Redwood, Colorado
Tom Rothering, Florida
I am located in Plant City, FL which is in central Florida. My email is, my cell number is 813-802-9271.
I would be willing to go almost anywhere, and certify most classes. I am not into a lot of overnight camping trips at this time.
Anne Sheeter, Oregon
Anne will happily certify all trials except the Elite level. She is willing to travel any distance to do so as long as she has support from the sponsoring organization.  She may be reached at (541) 413-0685 or
 Anne's Statement:  "I have been a certifier for over 20 years. Burns Llama Trailblazers has the longest running record for putting on annual pack trials in the organization, most of which I have been involved in certifying at some level.  I am also the Challenge Coordinator and would be glad to do both events and train challenge masters if the group was interested."
Tom Wilson, North Carolina
Lisa Wolf, Oregon
Lisa enjoys training certifiers and mentoring event organizers. She certifies all levels of pack trials.  She enjoys traveling outside her local area of SE Oregon to assist trial committees and certifiy trials, although she requires support from the sponsoring organization for distances of over 500 miles and a place to curl up in a sleeping bag. She is also happy to organize and run Challenge events. Lisa has been designing PLTA pack trial courses and certifying trials for 15 years. She has over 25 events and many trials to her credit. 
Lisa may be reached at