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Pack Trial Governance Committee



February 4, 2016

I. Introduction

The continued growth and development of the PLTA has required a restructuring of tasks and functions. The Pack Trial Governance Committee was created to function as the governing body for pack trials.  The Committee will provide the first level of review to deal with Pack Trial issues.  The Committee will also provide a link to the Board of Directors and other PLTA committees and programs. This committee charter was authorized by the Pack Llama Trail Association Board of Directors on February 18, 2016. Members of the Board included: Lisa Wolf - President, Tom Seifert - Secretary, Regina O'Brien - Treasurer, and Directors at Large, Susan Gawarecki, Hank Balch, and John Fant. A pdf file (394 KB) of this document is available for download.

II. Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Pack Trial Committee is to provide direction and support to persons involved in PLTA Pack Trial events.  This Committee will maintain rigorous standards for the trials, resolve issues regarding those standards, and by defining safe practices will meet those ends.  Encouraging an educational and socially rewarding atmosphere the Committee also provides a public friendly environment.

III. Goals

The goals of the Pack Trial Committee are as follows:

A.    Support an atmosphere of collegiality and professionalism at pack trials;
B.    Resolve regulatory and procedural issues regarding pack trials;
C.    Ensure that pack trial procedures establish a safe, enjoyable and educational experience for participants;
D.    Provide authority to resolve disputes not resolvable by handlers, stewards, host or certifiers and ensure that disputes have a clear process for resolution;
E.    Maintain and uphold consistent and stringent written standards for pack trials;
F.    Ensure that pack trial procedures and regulations, are applicable across the variety of representative packing terrain and circumstances;
G.    Ensure that the procedures for documentation of pack trial results are efficient and effective, and provide accurate long term retention of records;
H.    Ensure that training and training materials for certifiers and other officials are consistent and appropriate;
I.    Ensure that PLTA members and the public understand the function of pack trials and know that their input will be heard and is considered valuable; and
J.    Ensure that appropriate documentation of all training requirements, rules and procedures is readily available to PLTA members and the public.


VI.  Pack Trial Governance Committee Chairperson

A.    PLTA Committee Chairperson, appointed by the BOD, oversees the Pack Trial Committee, which reviews and adjusts rules and procedures for the pack trials.
B.     The PLTA Chairperson’s responsibilities are as follows:

1.    Coordinates with PLTA President to set committee goals, objectives, priorities and agenda; and
2.    Provides leadership to the committee by designating duties to committee members and maintaining effective communications.
3.    If circumstances dictate, may also serve as Pack Trial Manager.


V. Pack Trial Program Manager

A.     Program Manager, Responsibilities include:        
        1.    Supports the Pack Trial Committee;
        2.    Manages trial data;
        3.    Interfaces with Trial Hosts;
        4.    Sanctions trials; and
        5.     Communicates results with PLTA Secretary and Website Administrator.


VI. Authority

A.    Any issue confronting the Pack Trial Committee that may affect the well-being of the PLTA or other committees and programs must be presented first; to the PLTA President, followed by the Board of Directors. The Pack Trial Committee will, to the best of their ability, attempt to reconcile all “Pack Trial” issues that emerge while, at all times, keeping the President apprised of issues.

B.    The Pack Trial Committee Chairperson will coordinate with other PLTA Committee Chairpersons to maintain administrative consistency. Any and all proposals by individuals for changes to the pack trials will route through the Pack Trial Committee.  After consideration by the Committee, proposals will be routed to the Board of Directors for definitive action as is appropriate. The Pack Trial Committee will be responsible for considering issues and providing options for resolution and the improvement of Pack Trials.


VII. Members

A.    Committee Members
The recommended number of members is 6 – 10 will provide a diverse enough group to balance responsibilities and ensure a broad scope of thought, ideas, and opinions.

 B.    Committee Member Obligations
Throughout the year, Committee members will be asked for their opinion and analysis of issues.  Any member who finds the obligations too demanding may depart the committee after giving a minimum of a two week notice to the Chairperson.  If Committee members are unwilling to adequately participate they may be asked by the Committee Chair to resign. One avenue of sharing will be the Yahoo Pack Trial group site at   Members are required to gain access to and participate in discussions on the site.


 VIII. Information Flow and Administrative Relationships

Pack Trial Information Flow and Administrative Relationships